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A True Story Of Love, Blues, And Terror In Tel Aviv

Written by Jack Baxter and Joshua Faudem

Illustrated by Koren Shadmi


“CASABLANCA” meets “SYRIANA” in this poignant, multi-plot graphic novel, drawing an international cast of characters toward a fateful rendezvous at a goodtime live-music blues bar called Mike’s Place, located next door to the American Embassy on the Tel Aviv beachfront in Israel. A suicide bombing attack changes the characters’ destinies, engendering death, shock, pathos, courage, introspection, and rebirth. Blues music, humor and the underlying strength of the human spirit, help them survive through the trauma and tragedy. In the end, a stunning fact is revealed linking the perpetrators of the Mike’s Place bombing to the 2005 London Transit Attacks.


"Mike's Place is an astonishing achievement; a remarkable insight into Israeli youth culture and the deep ironies of politics and war. An incredibly rich, absorbing and passionate account of a harrowing event and its aftermath."

– Steve Brodner, author of Freedom Fries


"Mike's Place is beautiful and true, exciting and tragic – a perfect non-fiction saga that helps expand what the graphic novel can do. Start reading it now; you'll miss your subway stop."

– Darin Strauss, author of Half a Life: A Memoir

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