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Jack Baxter is a filmmaker and freelance journalist from New York City. He wrote, produced, and directed the controversial and critically acclaimed 1995 film Brother Minister: The Assassination of Malcolm X. He and his wife Fran Strauss-Baxter are the co-producers of the award-winning documentary Blues by the Beach.


“I wanted to write a firsthand account based on my experience of an infamous suicide bombing and through it show the convergence of personal stories of survival with historical events. My hope is that readers of ‘Mike’s Place’ can have a better understanding of the modern-day Middle East and the nature and ramifications of international terrorism.”


Joshua Faudem is an American-Israeli documentary filmmaker who studied at the prestigious film program at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). He has filmed, produced, and directed notable documentaries and television shows in Israel, Europe, and North America. He is the director of the award-winning documentary Blues by the Beach.


“Surviving this suicide bombing at ‘Mike’s Place’ and making a film about it immediately after, took [a] huge toll on me.” Writing this graphic novel 10 years after the bombing has given me an opportunity to find peace with these events.”

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Koren Shadmi is an illustrator and cartoonist whose graphic novels have been published in France, Italy, Spain, Israel, and the US. His illustrations have won several awards from the Society of Illustrators, and Charles Burns selected his work for The Best American Comics 2009 anthology.


“Working on ‘Mike’s Place’ was like a prolonged visit to the homeland after a very, very long absence. Every line I drew brought back memories of life in Israel. The contradictions and complexities and beauty of this unique place all came back to life for me, and hopefully will come alive for the readers of the book.”

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